Picture Books



Belehywa Ayit, written by Selamawit Mulugeta and illustrated by Henock Yerdaw

A story of a clever mouse’s tricks that helps him survival the forest.


Tenshuwa Leji terse man wesedew written by Selamawit Mulugeta and illustrated by Yisehak Sahle

A little girl pulled a tooth, and throws it on the roof of her house. The intended recipient is a bird but it ends up in the wrong hands and the anxious girl goes searching. Will she rescue her tooth?


Metiti Red Fox, by Azeb Worku and illustrated by Dereji Demissie

A curious Red Fox adventure that takes her from the Dashen Mountain all the way to Diredaw. This book is designed to teach children the different modes of transportation.


Kukusha’s Moon, written by Daniel Worku and illustrated by Ahadu Abaineh

Kukusha’s astonishment at how big and round the moon is leads her to a desire to go visit the moon. She builds a pretend rocketship out of corn cobs that turns into a real rocket-ship and launches to the moon.


Yoni Goes to Gurage Zone, written by Sisay Tesfaye and illustrated by Dereji Demesse

Yoni, a young boy from Addis Ababa, travels to the Gurage Zone to celebrate Demera. While helping build the tallest Demera Yoni learns the value of teamwork.


Pagume, written by Daniel Worku and illustrated by Henok Ayele

Pagume the 13th month. It rains, it hails, and the sun shines.



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